Monday, 20 May 2013


Men's Casual

Kids Casual


 So today we decided to just head off in the car a wee drive and then call in with the in-laws since Emma had the day of Nursery. What do you wear that's comfy to spend hours in a car but yet still trendy enough that when you do stop to visit that its not a moment of total OMG! What was I thinking!!??
  Something dressy, with nice wedges? But what if Jacob (the baby) starts to cry mid journey and I need to climb into the backseat for a while? Tracksuit? But what if we stop for dinner? Arghhhh!!!! 
 Well my advice for a long car trip with a little sociable coffee with the in-laws is keep it simple. A loose, long jumper with plain legging's and hi-tops, too casual? Yea if you might decide to stop for dinner. Simple some plain make-up and a little jewellery. 
 As for Gary (the hubby), Well he's the one doing the driving so again keeping it simple with some hi-tops, Jeans , T-shirt and a light zip-up Jacket as we were planing to spend most of the day in the car. Then last but not least the kiddies, as much as I love to dress them to impress again as they were going to be in the car I wanted to keep it casual with light Jackets for when we head in to visit, If Jacob is going a long journey I do have to admit with him being so young and being in a car seat, I would normally keep him in a dressy onesie, but as we were hoping to stop for dinner I didn't think it fair. The same for Emma once again loose fitted jeans and a shirt for slouching in the back seat but warm enough incase she decided to head into the garden (as our British weather still isn't great). 
 So this is my take on "Dressy Casual" Hope you enjoyed it, and your feedback is always welcome :) All of the items featured we do own and come very highly recommended by myself and Husband, Also were bought from the stores in the links :) 

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Superman VS Batman

 So I am a huge fan of Batman but the Hubby is an even bigger fan of Superman. And in my house there is the constant battle between us of what were going to wear, but more importantly what the kids are going to wear. I will admit that I do own a considerably large amount of Supergirl clothes for being a Batman fan.
  I have noticed that Batman and Superman clothing has made a big comeback in the past few months and of course we've used this excuse to buy more and more. But who wins the battle? Well personally I do think that both styles are fantastic.
 So which items have we tried out? Well other than a few items, them all! All are of great quality and wash well, the prices do vary quite alot but staying true to not paying over the odds for clothes none of them require you to take out a loan to buy. Being a Family Fashion Blog I like to source out the kids clothes to match our's. So which sites do I go too? Well the best and by far my favorite has to be (links below) The quality is fantastic, delivery time is 2-3 working days and its not over priced. There are other high street stores that offer some of these items but you do have to do a fair amount of shopping around (and as a busy mum I dont have time to go from shop to shop with two children in toe) TruffleShuffle offer a wide amount of these clothes featured and only £2.95 p&p.
 So if like us you like these Superhero styles Please do check this site out. A must if your into any superhero's as they have a wide range. They also have a kids section so all can be ordered from one place, Sorted.

So who dose win the battle? You help us decide by leaving your comments below :)

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Batman VS Superman

Superman VS Batman

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Soft Urban


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Friday, 17 May 2013

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

So I have my little Sister's 18th birthday party on the 1st of June. Really stressing out on what to wear!! Its going to be the first time the whole family will be in one place in a long time. Its also going to be my first excuse to get glamed up since the birth of my Beautiful son Jacob back in February of this year. So as for what to wear im still undecided (update to follow) but I thought I'd start with the footwear, And I came across this lovely site (while browsing for footwear) I found on Twitter and I am loving there products, they Crystalise Shoes, I pad cases, I phone cases etc.. 
More importantly they do High heels and they are very reasonably priced. And if you have already bought you items from the high street they also let you send your stuff to them, they Crystalise it then send it back, how cool is that!!!! But whats most important to me is that they do a children's range to match. And there's nothing I love more than to step out with my Daughter in similar outfits. 
I am going to get myself a couple of pair's of sandel's for the summer from them and hoping to get my Blackberry Z10 case sent off to get Crystalised. Since seeing this site I decided it was worth a Google and indeed its everywhere, its the latest In Trend, But im yet to come across a site that offers this standard of product and this price, and I for one am not pay 100's of pounds for shoes for my Daughter for her to decide to run across the grass and into a mud puddle (it has happened, have the photos to prove it lol). 

Girls if you love your glitz and glam check this site out with the link bellow. 
If you Decide to order please let them know via email or Twitter that you found there site though my Blog.
Many Thanks :) 

So I am looking forward to getting my order in and will keep you up-to-date with this site :) 


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Maxi Dresses

I am totally obsessed with Maxi Dresses at the moment, I mean so much so, the more I buy the more I want. If like me you've just had a baby and are still waiting for all your lumps and bumps to shrink back into place then these are perfect, There nice and loose and give my post baby belly a nice flat look but still tight enough to complement my bum. I didn't want to spend a fortune on clothes that will only fit me for a month or so while im getting my body back so I found these Must Have dresses in DV8 that are of great quality and wash really well. Which is a must if you spend the majority of your day getting changed out of baby sick lol.
 The best part is the footwear, what do I put with a dress like that?? Well as im on my feet most of the day between the kids and housework I pair it with my "Converse, All Star Hi Tops". But this Dress seems to go with alot of different footwear, I mean I was able to wear sandal's or wedges. Alot of different things to be done with this dress .
To sum up: A quick outfit threw together, Maxi Dresses are dominating the high street and can be wore everyday. Throw a jumper on top for those cooler days. #Sorted
 Has to be a must have for mums on the go!!

Tell me what you think!!
Check out this link, this is the one I bought (well bought two different colors)

Post your Pics :)
New Fashion Blog.

ThowItTogetherFashion Is my new In trend Fashion page for mums on the go. It will have everything from the latest Catwalk Fashion, High street wear, Right down to Vintage Fashion. It will be full of tips and tricks for on the go mums and dads. Also Childrens latest trends.
 I am new at this so will take me some time to get used to this site, My Blog will be my sole opinions and not influenced by anyone else and I will only Blog about what I believe to be in Fashion after research and testing.

A bit about me; My Name is Elizabeth Magill, I am a 23 year old married mum of two. I have a four year old girl called Emma-Louise and a 13 week old baby boy Jacob.

I love seeing people who seem to have the latest trends on point every time and often wonder how they keep on top of the constant changing trends, As a Wife with two young children and constant housework I hate spending Thousands on the latest fashion only to have one of the kids spill paint on me lol :) So I decided to set up this Blog to help others like me!!

Please bare with me while I get up and running and remember everyone is entitled to the opinion.
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