Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Maxi Dresses

I am totally obsessed with Maxi Dresses at the moment, I mean so much so, the more I buy the more I want. If like me you've just had a baby and are still waiting for all your lumps and bumps to shrink back into place then these are perfect, There nice and loose and give my post baby belly a nice flat look but still tight enough to complement my bum. I didn't want to spend a fortune on clothes that will only fit me for a month or so while im getting my body back so I found these Must Have dresses in DV8 that are of great quality and wash really well. Which is a must if you spend the majority of your day getting changed out of baby sick lol.
 The best part is the footwear, what do I put with a dress like that?? Well as im on my feet most of the day between the kids and housework I pair it with my "Converse, All Star Hi Tops". But this Dress seems to go with alot of different footwear, I mean I was able to wear sandal's or wedges. Alot of different things to be done with this dress .
To sum up: A quick outfit threw together, Maxi Dresses are dominating the high street and can be wore everyday. Throw a jumper on top for those cooler days. #Sorted
 Has to be a must have for mums on the go!!

Tell me what you think!!
Check out this link, this is the one I bought (well bought two different colors)

Post your Pics :)