Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New Fashion Blog.

ThowItTogetherFashion Is my new In trend Fashion page for mums on the go. It will have everything from the latest Catwalk Fashion, High street wear, Right down to Vintage Fashion. It will be full of tips and tricks for on the go mums and dads. Also Childrens latest trends.
 I am new at this so will take me some time to get used to this site, My Blog will be my sole opinions and not influenced by anyone else and I will only Blog about what I believe to be in Fashion after research and testing.

A bit about me; My Name is Elizabeth Magill, I am a 23 year old married mum of two. I have a four year old girl called Emma-Louise and a 13 week old baby boy Jacob.

I love seeing people who seem to have the latest trends on point every time and often wonder how they keep on top of the constant changing trends, As a Wife with two young children and constant housework I hate spending Thousands on the latest fashion only to have one of the kids spill paint on me lol :) So I decided to set up this Blog to help others like me!!

Please bare with me while I get up and running and remember everyone is entitled to the opinion.
If you enjoy my Blog please share with your friends.   
All hints and tips welcome.

That's all for now;
Elizabeth Magill xx