Thursday, 16 May 2013

So I have my little Sister's 18th birthday party on the 1st of June. Really stressing out on what to wear!! Its going to be the first time the whole family will be in one place in a long time. Its also going to be my first excuse to get glamed up since the birth of my Beautiful son Jacob back in February of this year. So as for what to wear im still undecided (update to follow) but I thought I'd start with the footwear, And I came across this lovely site (while browsing for footwear) I found on Twitter and I am loving there products, they Crystalise Shoes, I pad cases, I phone cases etc.. 
More importantly they do High heels and they are very reasonably priced. And if you have already bought you items from the high street they also let you send your stuff to them, they Crystalise it then send it back, how cool is that!!!! But whats most important to me is that they do a children's range to match. And there's nothing I love more than to step out with my Daughter in similar outfits. 
I am going to get myself a couple of pair's of sandel's for the summer from them and hoping to get my Blackberry Z10 case sent off to get Crystalised. Since seeing this site I decided it was worth a Google and indeed its everywhere, its the latest In Trend, But im yet to come across a site that offers this standard of product and this price, and I for one am not pay 100's of pounds for shoes for my Daughter for her to decide to run across the grass and into a mud puddle (it has happened, have the photos to prove it lol). 

Girls if you love your glitz and glam check this site out with the link bellow. 
If you Decide to order please let them know via email or Twitter that you found there site though my Blog.
Many Thanks :) 

So I am looking forward to getting my order in and will keep you up-to-date with this site :)